About us

Yellow Warbler is an independent neighbourhood speciality coffee shop in N16. Serving delicious food, coffee, tea, hot chocolate and cakes, we also sell selected coffee beans, tea leaves/bags, hot chocolate and specialist tea and coffee equipment.

Although only opened in June 2014 Yellow Warbler is proud to have already accumulated a number of great reviews including the London Best Coffee Guide.


The Espresso Blend is the Estate, roasted locally by Climpsons & Sons. These guys are serious about their coffee! Filter options vary and are chosen by our head barista approximately every two weeks. Previous single origins have been chosen from roasters such as; Workshop, Notes, Nude and Climpsons of course!

All our baristas are dedicated to coffee, they are highly skilled (many have competed in Barista championships) and are also friendly people too! They each bring a different speciality and even music vibe to Yellow Warbler and we love their diversity.

Soy is available including the premium Bonsoy - once tried there is no going back!


Tea leaves are from Award winning tea supplier Eteaket, they have travelled the world sourcing the finest tea in order to bring the best cuppa. Tea infusion times and water temperature is specific to the tea type. Therefore our tea can take up to three minutes to prepare.

Hot chocolate

Our organic drinking chocolate is from Rococo Chocolates, winner of the academy of chocolate awards 2011, 2012, 2013.


Our delicious menu includes South America street food such as Arepas (delicious soft cornflour rolls served piping hot and packed with an array of tasty savoury fillings like manchego, rocket and chorizo or beans, cheese and plantains).

As well as some more traditional English items such as homemade granola, pancakes with fresh fruit, Smoked salmon, spinach and egg on sourdough or avocado on seven seeded sourdough (with our own South American twist of course!)

Food is cooked fresh daily. We try and source ingredients locally where possible; all of our fruit and veg come from greengrocers in N16. We only choose suppliers that take pride in the quality of their products. The majority of products are organic.

Cakes are baked daily in our kitchen using the finest organic ingredients, we usually have a gluten free option available. Croissants and pain au chocolate are cooked throughout the morning ensuring they are always freshly baked.



(Selected saturdays
Next course Sat 18 June 2016)

Coffee tasting and brewing workshop 
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Saturday 6 June - Art Snug - Popup Art Shop

Find us

Yellow Warbler
9 Northwold Road,
Stoke Newington N16 7HL

e: hello@yellowwarbler.co.uk

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